Automotive Engineering

IFR Automotive has developed an efficient design and engineering process to help create the next generation of vehicles required by manufacturers.

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The process has been developed to help manufacturers achieve and maintain a competitive market position through the design and implementation of new technology.

The process is based on the compilation of software libraries and the development of new computer code, providing a virtual platform for predicting vehicle dynamic behaviour and its feedback to the driver.

IFR’s ‘Sensitivity Analysis to Implementation’ or SATI platform is not only a new design tool, but also allows the company to accurately predict the performance and dynamic behaviour of a vehicle - based on the whole vehicle package and its complex dynamic variables - long before any prototype is built.

The virtual platform is used to develop new technology and carry out competitive studies to help position a product in its market. The deployment of state-of-the-art software in the hands of highly skilled automotive engineers ensures impressive accuracy for predicting all aspects of vehicle dynamic behaviour.

IFR Automotive complements this powerful development tool with other departments within the company, able to build and test prototype vehicles incorporating the new technology.

The philosophy of IFR Automotive is to employ small highly motivated teams, each given the responsibility to apply their relevant know-how and expertise in the most efficient manner possible.

The combination of an experienced company, well-organised internal communications, a rigorous vehicle development methodology and ‘right first time’ attitude all help to facilitate the efficient design of complex vehicles and minimise project risk.

IFR Automotive services comprise:

  • Project management
  • Design
  • Calculations and simulation
  • Aerodynamics
  • Modelling
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling and jig design and production
  • Electrics and electronics
  • Composite parts
  • Machining
  • Production design process
  • Manufacturing of low volume vehicles