Creating a car


The perennial challenge for any carmaker is to correctly identify the needs of the potential customer. This is the responsibility of the product planners and marketing department, but a new vehicle can only be delivered through the efforts of designers and engineers. Ultimately, it’s their ability to meet the needs of the customer that really counts.

When IFR Automotive set out create a new luxury brand it became very clear from its market research that customers wanted to have fun with their sports cars. Equally, by entering this market with a brand new concept it was important to offer something radically different from what was already available.

It became clear that what would be totally unique would be to offer all the emotional appeal, ultra high levels of performance and luxury of a supercar, but packaged into a small, compact and ultra lightweight vehicle, that would also be more in keeping with our environmentally conscious times.

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Nor was it was simply a matter of producing a stripped-down hard-core track-day special with all the performance but no creature comforts whatsoever.

A new luxury sportscar had to be unique and it needed the robustness and versatility to be available to the driver for all journeys, whether nipping into town or for a Grand Tour or indeed competing on a racetrack with other weekend warriors.

To meet this challenge IFR needed new and advanced technologies to drastically reduce the size and weight of the average supercar. The chassis, suspension, brakes and even the electrical and electronic systems all had to go on a massive diet.

The result is the small, compact, ultra high performance - and utterly unique - Aspid luxury sportscar.

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