TBD - Braking

The Twin Brake Disc system is another innovative patented technology from IFR Automotive. As the name implies this lightweight stainless steel brake system comprises twin discs, each with turbine shaped slots for maximum air cooling and braking efficiency.

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The principal characteristic of this design is that heat is dissipated very quickly and doesn’t accumulate, thereby permitting much thinner discs. The result is a significant weight saving of more than 70 per cent compared with normal brake systems.

Having more than one brake disc also makes the calliper requirements smaller, and hence much lighter, further reducing the total mass of the brakes, which in turn helps to reduce the overall weight of the vehicle.

In addition, a lower unsprung mass is immensely beneficial for a vehicle’s ride and handling performance.

The main advantages of this system are:

  • Maximum air cooling and braking efficiency
  • Improved active safety from improved handling of the vehicle
  • More traction from increased contact of the wheel with the road
  • Improved ride comfort
  • Less fuel consumption and fewer emissions through ultra lightweight design
  • Better feel of the brakes for the driver by avoiding the need for a servo
  • Increased durability of brake pads and discs