Unique business strategy

As a pure research and development company, IFR Automotive recognised from the outset the need for a vehicle platform to develop its new ideas and technologies. So it decided to build its own car.

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Though seemingly obvious this is in fact an unusual and radically different approach from that taken by engineering consultancies, which normally choose to use existing vehicles from manufacturers as development mules. However, using vehicles from the existing pool can require information and indeed authorisation from the manufacturer to interact, for example, with the electronic systems embedded in the vehicle. And this is yet more hindrance to the creative process.

IFR Automotive, therefore, settled on the design and development of a complete car for a niche market, producing in the process more than 1,800 parts. The whole car has been simulated and validated in its software libraries. Most importantly the car is actually being manufactured, thereby fully validating the new technologies introduced into the vehicle.

This novel approach has allowed IFR to implement, for example, an innovative electronic system for a complete vehicle, as well as a new chassis and manufacturing process, new brake system, and a new suspension arm. Additional innovations are progressively being introduced into the car including, for example, a new type of differential.

This unique approach is also what makes IFR Automotive one of the most interesting and inventive engineering consultancies to have entered the automotive arena in recent years; its technology demonstrator providing an excellent platform aimed at developing new technologies for OEM and Tier 1clients. Meanwhile, discerning customers for the actual car, which is being produced in limited numbers, gain the benefit of being the first to acquire truly cutting-edge technology – and a vehicle that is totally unique.

IFR Automotive is proving its capabilities and credibility therefore by actually putting its ideas into a complete car design, and through the various stages of prototyping, test and development, all the way through to production . This efficient use of IFR resources, complemented by suppliers selected for being among the best in the industry, ensures a high quality of engineering consultancy and an excellent value proposition.

The exciting application of new technologies directly into a vehicle, as a fundamental part of its business strategy, makes the company a leading competitor in today’s automotive design and engineering world.